Commissioned Paintings

memories back to lifeAs passionate anglers, we dream of having the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime. Before each outing, we envision that today is going to be the day. We spend hours, days, months, chasing after the fish of a lifetime, each outing learning our quarry and hoping that when we get our chance, things go right. When the moment does present itself, each second of the event seemingly forges the record in our memory forever.

As an artist, it’s the greatest honour to have the opportunity to bring a fellow angler’s memory back to life and give them something they can proudly cherish. I specialize in recreating the scene under the water, whether it was the epic battle, or the strategic hunt to fool the wary watery monarch.

It starts with getting into the memory. This stage is all about idea formation and creating a concept that represents your memorable catch. Getting into the feeling of what that moment was like and how it all unfolded. This is when you get to tell me your fish story….IT WAS THIIIIIIIS BIG!! 😉

Once we have a concept in mind, we can move ahead and start on bringing it to life. This step can take 8hrs up to 50 hrs+, depending on the amount of detail and size of the piece. In order to give the absolute best piece possible, I use a lot of translucent glazing layering techniques that give the painting another dimension of colour depth that changes throughout the day as the lighting changes.

20 x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas

If your catch of a lifetime needs to be brought back to life, let’s get started!
Contact me below!

Laker Grayling Painting


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(204) 509-0695

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