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Steelhead Skeleton Design

Steelhead design and hoodies I did for Cabela’s Canada.

steelhead promo

All Rights Reserved – Copyright Nick Laferriere – 2014

Steelhead Skeleton Hoody Front and Back Mockups copy

Dusky Flathead Skeleton

The latest piece I finished for Fishwreck Australia.

flathead skeleton nick laferriere

All Rights Reserved – Copyright Nick Laferriere – 2015

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Bad to the Bone – Bream

Was a fun challenge trying to make a Bream look badass. Wasn’t easy but in the end, it haunts my nightmares. =P

bream skeleton promo

All Rights Reserved – Copyright Nick Laferriere – 2015

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Big Bad Barra

barra skull promo


For the best fishing apparel, decals, and wraps in the South-Pacific, featuring the Big Bad Barra, check out:

10543637_668656776551206_6893617113385669680_n copy10414519_666590620091155_3208341321545845218_n

Murray Cod Skeleton – FISHWRECK

Muray Cod Skeleton small promo2

Check out Fishwreck by clicking below:

Barramundi – A Beast from Down Under

I had a guy from Australia contact me about doing some custom skeletons of some of the Australian gamefish. Not knowing what they had down there, the research began! One of the most popular and unique fish from down there is a fish with a cool name, Barramundi. One look at these beasts and I was fascinated! My research taught me all about them and discovered they’re a close relative of the Nile Perch! Now I’ve added these to my bucket list, I HAVE TO CATCH ONE!!!

Barramundi Nick Laferriere