Commissioned Tigerfish

As an artist in the fishing industry, I get the unique opportunity to work some fascinating individuals from all over the globe. One such individual approached me about doing a few Tigerfish drawings for his business. I was intrigued with this request as Tigerfish are quite the exotic species and I didn’t know too much about them. Like any artist would, I researched my subject and learned all about these menacing looking predators! After a few emails and sketches exchanged back and forth, I felt confident with my sketch and filled it in to the best of my abilities.

The ones they have are Hydrocynus vittatus, a smaller and more colourful Tigerfish. Although they are the smaller species, the H. vittatus can reach lengths of over 40-inches and reach weights of over 60lbs. With a mouth full of ferocious, inter-locking teeth, these fish are the thing of nightmares.

Here’s how it turned out.

Tigerfish Nick Laferriere

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