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“Mexican Standoff” Posters – 10 x 24″ Herichthys labridens & Herichthys bartoni

These 24 x 10″ posters feature two cichlid species from Media Luna, Mexico; Herichthys labridens and Herichthys bartoni in their blazing spawning colours.

The posters are of the highest quality, using heavy C2S 12pt Cover paper and are UV coated.

Original artwork by Nick Laferriere

Available for sale: $15 USD
Mexican Standoff Poster

Prints for Sale – How to Purchase

Due to a very busy schedule, I have done my research and found a company that best fits my criteria to offer high quality prints at affordable prices to my clients. Fine Art America has proven to be a valuable tool for me to offer my artwork while not having to deal with shipping or customer service, as they do everything for me.

You won’t be disappointed with the quality, they do a phenomenal job and offer all different sizes and mediums to be suit your needs. If you have a spot that is a specific size, you can match it up perfectly with the different options available.

amazing-living-room-home-interior-decorations copy

Please check out the online store at:


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