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“Arctic Assault” Lake Trout/Grayling Painting

Currently working on an acrylic piece, bringing a big dinosaur Lake Trout to life! I’ve had this idea for quite some time and I’m enjoying the challenge! Lakers make for a challenging subject due to the amount of detail and number of spots!


Lake Trout acrylic painting in progress

After a game-time line change, I decided to add a grayling instead of a lure. The results couldn’t have turned out better and I’m happy to announce the completion of this piece.

Laker Grayling Painting

Done with acrylics on birch board, this 18 x 24″ painting took roughly a month to complete from concept to completion.

Giclee prints will be available soon and the original painting is available for purchase as well. Please contact me for pricing.

Walleye Skeleton

One of the most iconic gamefish in North America is undoubtedly the walleye. Revered for its table quality, walleye have a huge following wherever they swim. Whether it’s on the hard water thru the ice, or fishing wind swept points and gravel bars, walleye are a primary target year round.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have fished walleye in some very remote areas without any fishing pressure. On these trips, they were not at all picky and you can almost catch them at will.

One such trip, I was guiding two guests on a fly out camping trip to a remote region, south of Great Bear Lake, NWT. The area that we camped was where the Johnny Hoe River meets up with a small lake. In the river, walleye were stacked and all in the 20-26″ range. After an incredible week, we found ourselves on our last day, fishing close to camp and wanting to get at least one more hour of fishing in before the plane arrived to pick us up. We were in a sandy, shallow delta and we could see the walleye. I challenged them to catch 100 walleye in an hour, at midday, in sweltering heat, without a cloud in the sky. They did it, catching 100 walleye in just under an hour, I think we had two minutes to spare.

Walleye Skeleton print copyright

Sharks of Great Bear Lake

In one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, swims one of the largest trout species on the planet. These fish grow to epic proportions and have been swimming the frigid Arctic waters since World War II. Capable of swallowing anything they can fit in their mouth, these fish reek havoc on anything that swims within their reach.

Unique to Great Bear, these fish sport metallic green and blue along their back, giving them the appearance of a shark when viewed from the boat. That combined with their massive heads and world record size, make these fish the stuff of legend.

lake trout painting

Manitoba Fisheries Enhancement Stamp Competition Entry 2013

Not quite finished but it’s almost there. Have to finish up the water, add some detail to the trees in the background, add reflections to the rocks, and darken up everything to make it more bold.

Here’s a preview of how it’s coming along.

Rainbow Trout Stamp Entry - Nick Laferriere

Finished it. This piece was a great challenge and took forever to finish. I was working on it while I could while up in the Arctic. This piece is based off the rainbows we get in the parkland lakes in Manitoba, particularly the Duck Mountain lakes.

The Manitoba Fisheries Enhancement Stamp Competition allows Manitoba resident artists a chance to compete for their artwork to be chosen to be featured on all the 2014 fishing licenses as well as limited edition prints. The Enhancement Fund procedes go towards management, stewardship, enhancement and conservation of Manitoba’s fisheries.

Rainbow Trout Stamp - Nick Laferriere

I was fortunate for my art submission to be chosen by the judging panel for the 2014 Manitoba Fisheries Enhancement Stamp. I was also blown away to be awarded the People’s Choice Award, chosen by the public who’s votes were tallied after being on public display for over a month! Very exciting accomplishment! I can remember as a kid looking at the stamp on my dad’s fishing license, and I couldn’t wait to see the new stamp every year! It’s a lifelong accomplishment for me to have my art now represented on fishing licenses!

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