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Walleye Skeleton

One of the most iconic gamefish in North America is undoubtedly the walleye. Revered for its table quality, walleye have a huge following wherever they swim. Whether it’s on the hard water thru the ice, or fishing wind swept points and gravel bars, walleye are a primary target year round.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have fished walleye in some very remote areas without any fishing pressure. On these trips, they were not at all picky and you can almost catch them at will.

One such trip, I was guiding two guests on a fly out camping trip to a remote region, south of Great Bear Lake, NWT. The area that we camped was where the Johnny Hoe River meets up with a small lake. In the river, walleye were stacked and all in the 20-26″ range. After an incredible week, we found ourselves on our last day, fishing close to camp and wanting to get at least one more hour of fishing in before the plane arrived to pick us up. We were in a sandy, shallow delta and we could see the walleye. I challenged them to catch 100 walleye in an hour, at midday, in sweltering heat, without a cloud in the sky. They did it, catching 100 walleye in just under an hour, I think we had two minutes to spare.

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Columbia River Bull Trout

Bull trout in the Columbia River, BC.

Columbia River Bull Trout drawing

Columbia River Bull Trout drawing

columbia river bull trout

Columbia River Bull Trout

kokanee salmon.jpg

Kokanee Salmon in the Columbia River…bull trout food.

Landlocked Sockeye Salmon called Kokanee.

Landlocked Sockeye Salmon called Kokanee.

Australian Salmon/Kahawai Skeleton

Australian Salmon / Kahawai Skeleton for Fishwreck Australia.

australian salmon skeleton

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