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Circling Trout Series

A new series that is under way is the Circling Trout Series. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Inspired by both tattoo art of koi fishes and a painting done by the extremely talented Yusniel Santos, I finally took the time to sketch out a concept and pose I liked.

Starting with the three most popular, Brook/Brown/Rainbow, and adding more to the series as time progresses and allows. These are all done in watercolour pencils with a Copic marker base coat. The first piece, the Brown Trout, was the test piece to try out using the marker background and see how it would work out. This method, which I had never heard of done before, works amazing! I sketched out the general layout and then filled it in with the marker. After I let it thoroughly dry, I begin adding in the watercolour pencils, layer after layer, building up the depth and colour richness. The marker gives a perfect neutral grey background in which I can build from that helps make the colours pop better than your typical white paper background.

Decals are coming very soon for this series and the Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead pieces are underway.

Circling Trout Promo


ReelFlies Brook Trout

I am very fortunate to have gotten to know some fantastic people in the fishing industry and the Bathgate family of ReelFlies are some of the best people around! I fully support Canadian businesses and especially those who support keeping things made in Canada. Unlike many other businesses that offer fishing flies, ReelFlies uses only Canadian tyers and the highest quality materials and hooks! I have so much respect for Steve and his family and when they asked if I’d be interested in doing up something for them I was honoured! I wanted to do something up special and really try to give them my best.

I decided on a Brook Trout which is not only one of my favourites but is also one of the mainstay target species for many of the ReelFlies’ following. This is to date my most detailed piece I’ve ever done and is 100% digitally drawn. The detail isn’t really shown unless you zoom in and see all the scale and fin detailing.

Thank you Steve, Ceri, Hayley, and the rest of the family. =)

Please check out their website and visit them on Facebook!

Reelflies Brookie Nick Laferriere

Prints for Sale – How to Purchase

Due to a very busy schedule, I have done my research and found a company that best fits my criteria to offer high quality prints at affordable prices to my clients. Fine Art America has proven to be a valuable tool for me to offer my artwork while not having to deal with shipping or customer service, as they do everything for me.

You won’t be disappointed with the quality, they do a phenomenal job and offer all different sizes and mediums to be suit your needs. If you have a spot that is a specific size, you can match it up perfectly with the different options available.

amazing-living-room-home-interior-decorations copy

Please check out the online store at:


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Northern Exposure – Brook Trout

A few years ago I got the chance to fish up on arguably one of the best natural fisheries for brook trout in the world, God’s River, Manitoba. A big, turbid river, the God’s is home to some very impressive brookies. Unlike the cute stream brookies, these brutes get big! Our first day on the river we spotted a pod of four fish right across from the lodge that were pushing 30″ and were in the 10lb class range. Before heading up I had no real experience fishing for brook trout and relied on articles I had read about how to fish for them. I brought all streamers. However, this proved to be a rookie mistake as we were fishing late July and the fish didn’t want anything big. Knowing what I know now, I would have brought a selection of nymphs and dries. The experience, although not overly successful fishing wise, was nothing short of amazing and we witnessed some of the largest brook trout in the world in their natural setting.

This drawing I did after my trip to God's River, depicting a brightly coloured male. A fully coloured male brook trout is arguably one of the most beautiful freshwater fish we have. Watercolour Pencils and Graphite Pencil Original Artwork by Nick Laferriere

This drawing I did after my trip to God’s River, depicting a brightly coloured male. A fully coloured male brook trout is arguably one of the most beautiful freshwater fish we have.
Watercolour Pencils and Graphite Pencil
Original Artwork by Nick Laferriere